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Vulnerability GHOST : patches for Mandriva 2010.2 & Mageia3

Hi all, you can find here my 2 patches against the GHOST vulnerability for Mandriva 2010.2 Linux distribution and Mageia 3.

1) The first patch is for Mandriva 2010  and i want to thanks Moncef Limam  AET ( for his help.

2) The second patch is for Mageia3 Linux

To install the patch : 

1) download the good file in a directory of your choice (example : /tmp)

2) do a

 tar xvf the_patch_file_to_untar 

3) do a

 rpm -Uvh *.rpm --force 

If you need another package, you can install it with urpmi. You can do again the step 3 after this.

ATTENTION : It is just a 64 bits version. I’ll put a 32 bits version in the next time.

Download the patch against GHOST vulnerability for Mandriva 2010.2 : click here

Download the patch against GHOST vulnerability for Mageia 3 : click here

After the reboot, you can verify if you are protected against GHOST vulnérability like this :

wget --no-check-certificate
gcc -o GHOST GHOST.c
not vulnerable

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