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Christophe Casalegno    

> Hello World 😉 My name is Christophe Casalegno and i wish you Welcome on my website. Former hacker known as Brain 0verride, I am the founder of ScalarX, Digital Network Group, and a lot of others projects & IT companies. I am also passionated about science & technology.
With over 20 years of experience, I have never stopped learning and adapting myself, which allowed me to acquire, over the years, excellent capabilities of appropriation in different domains and business areas. My strong diversified skills, allows me today to feel as comfortable with GNU / LINUX, using the Command Line Interface as in a conference or for for taking the the lead of a communication campaign.
This wide range of experiences enables me today to understand complex issues and situations that the mastering of very different elements such as technical, organizational, financial, commercial, communication and R&D.)

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