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How to automatically take an action if the load average is too high

When you manage servers, it can be useful to take a numbers of action automatically (restart a service, add a firewall rules, kill a process, sending an alert, etc.) if the load average is too high. The problem of a lot of shell script about this, it’s if the load average down slowly after the action, the script may go wrong and execute another kill, restart, etc that can be a cause of a service downtime.

The solution is to check 2 states of the load average before running yours commands.

Place to the code :


tsleep=2 # time to wait before 2 checks
llimit=8 # load limit before action #put your monitor alert email here
host=`hostname -f`

load=`cat /proc/loadavg |awk {'print $1'}|cut -d "." -f1` # The load average now
sleep $tsleep
load2=`cat /proc/loadavg |awk {'print $1'}|cut -d "." -f1` # The load average after tsleep

if test "$load" -ge $llimit


if test "$load2" -ge $load
echo "The Load Average has reached $load1 and $load2 on $host" | mail -s "$host : High Load Average Alert" $alert
echo "$date : The Load Average has reached $load1 and $load2 on $host" >> /var/log/loadavg.log
echo "ok" 1>&2



sleep 1


Now you have just to put this script into your crontab each minutes for example and says good night to your server ;). You can also download directly this script from :

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