Christophe Casalegno

Who am I?

Entrepreneur, CEO, CTO consultant and conference speaker

>Hello World 😉 My name is Christophe Casalegno. Expatriated in Ireland since 2015, now I take care of activities in the field of Cloud & Datacenter, IT Automation, Industry and scientific ecosystems. Serial entrepreneur since 1999, I am the founder of many IT companies. I am also passionated about sciences & technologies.

Member of NMIA (National Military Intelligence Association), and FAOA(Foreign Area Officer Association), I have intervened while 20 years as consultant, expert and conference speaker, in the fields of information, entrepreneurship, information, security and communication with several specialties, such as information, perception management, information warfare, social engineering (influence and manipulation); and also in some rather technical oriented fields, like Intrusion, defense, malwares, risk management and crisis management.

Advisor on behalf of several organizations and media, I was director of research at the International Center for Research and Studies on Terrorism, founded by Yves Bonnet, the former director of the French counter-intelligence agency. Former member of KESAC (Kaspserky European Scientific Antivirus Center), i was also the founder of the International Institute for the Coordination and Response to Cyber Attacks and an honorary member of the IIHEC (International Institute for Advanced Studies on Cybercrime): founded by Daniel Martin, the creator and manager of the DST information system, security director at the OECD, Rapporteur in the French State Audit Office and contributor to G8 meetings

To finish, I’was a conference speaker and a teacher at different schools and principally for the G4 Institute in the post French A-levels, 5-year educational pathway called “Project Manager, in Information Systems Security”, primarily in the areas of networks, computer security and Information Warfare, Social Engineering, Infowar, economic intelligence and perception management. From 2004 to 2011, I also was chief editor of Intelink News and a member of the scientific committee of InfoDefense.

Here are some media in which or on behalf of which I spoke:

« IT-Expert », « Décision informatique », « Distributique », « Le Nouvel Observateur », « RTL » « Le Confidentiel », « Canal plus », « Itélé », « Le livre noir du terrorisme » (préfacé par Yves Bonnet ancien directeur de la DST), « Kappa », « Le Figaro », « StuffMag », « Souriez on vous espionne » Editions du cherche-midi, , « Mag Securs », « LGO (Les grandes oreilles) », « Infos Defense », « Emarrakech », « BFMTV », « M6 » ou encore « Opérations Spéciales »

Some of my references : Click here to see the public list
You can also read my CV here : Christophe Casalegno

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