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Conferences & trainings

I intervene as a conference speaker and teacher, either for public conferences (seminars and other manifestations) or for private conferences (private clubs and organizations, business leaders, politicians or banks gathering, or military structures.) as a one shot intervention or within sessions concentrating several conferences, which requires a guaranteed presence in the fields of information, security, entrepreneurship and communication.

Here are some examples of topics I usually talk: social engineering (manipulation & influence), entrepreneurship, information warfare (overall and IT security), malware, launch your business, management (decision-makers and managers of tomorrow will have to evolve), how to create a startup, communication using social media, geolocation, TCP/IP networks, etc.


Communication is an extremely wide area where we can meet many fields of expertise. I mostly intervene in the field of perception management, specialized in the following media: Internet and social networks. My interventions can deal with business (launching a new service or product, broadcast your brand, edit a public image, community management) or with politics (political communication on a project, personality as part of an election campaign).

If you wish to create, enhance or edit your public profile (editing the perception of the audience or of a specific target regarding your brand, business, policy, thinking, or yourself), I can support you with it.


You have a project in which security is a key factor and you really need an expert? You need to establish or test security (intrusion tests) of your IT system?

Have you had your information system audited, set up a security policy with precise rules about its usage, however the results were not as good as expected?

This may be disappointing but is totally normal. If you want your security to be optimum, you will have to settle for a real “security culture” within your organization. Without it, and even though everybody sticks to the rules and best practices, the best result you can obtain will be “decent”.

During my 20 years of experience in this field, I acquired and developed very specific knowledge solving security problems with users as a fundamental cornerstone of this topic, rather than with techniques or process. This is, according to my experimentations, a very main step before growing the overall or technical security level of your company.

Infrastructure and administration

Even though I’ve taken care of management for several years, I’ve never lost contact to the technical part of my business; I keep practicing every day and am very keen on Gnu/Linux platforms.

From my point of view, one of the main requirements to becoming a successful leader of a technical team, is to possess those technical skills your team has. This is the way I keep taking care of operational missions in the fields of hosting, Information systems and datacenter : IT outsourcing, setting up specific infrastructures, administration, conception, etc.

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