Christophe Casalegno

StackX (was PALI : The Perfect Automatic Lamp Installer)

StackX ( was PALI : Perfect Automatic Lamp Installer) is an installation system that will automatically transform your Debian 9 server to the best full pre-optimised LAMP (Linux Apache Mysql Php) stack you’ll never seen

StackX just nead a fresh Debian 9  installation with only ssh and can install in minutes a very secure and perfect installed LAMP with Let’s Encrypt, and multiple support version of PHP language.

StackX installation has been audited by an independent security company for a banking system deployment and obtain 9/10 in the security report.

Today, StackX can do different things like :

  • Install vim, iotop, mc, apache2, rsync, screen, rdiff-backup…
  • Install php-fpm 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3
  • Install MariaDB 10.2, and phpmyadmin
  • Install munin, postfix, git, pure-ftpd, Imagemagick, curl and more
  • Install Java Oracle 8
  • Activate userdir, rewrite, expires, deflate, headers and ssl
  • Configure pure-ftpd (FTP & FTPS) to use unix users and chroot them
  • Create virtualhost. Let’s Encrypt support before and after
  • Pre-Optimized Mysql/MariaDB configuration
  • Pre-Optimized apache & php-fpm configuration
  • You can change ssh port (65022 by default)
  • You can change webmin port (65000 by default)
  • You can choose your NodeJS version 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 (10 by default)
  • Make a “hot modification” of the hostname of the server
  • Automatically install and configure Let’s encrypt certificate
  • Install & configure Fail2ban, rkhunter & chkrootkit
  • Install & configure an iptables firewall with adapted rules
  • Choose you admin email contact
  • Setup root, mysql & user password and sent you them by email

Stop to talk, now you just want to install your server ? The price for this perfect install is just 150 € HT.

StackX is also available with industrial remote management offer (50 € HT /month) that include 24/7 monitoring, 100 GB backup, and interventions 24/7 on incidents.

For more information you can directly contact me or use StackX website :

Have fun !

Christophe Casalegno