Christophe Casalegno

PAJI : The Perfect Automatic Java Installer

PAJI (Perfect Automatic Java Installer) is a shell script written in Bash, that will install automatically Java for you on your Linux Debian 8. For the moment, PAJI only install Oracle Java 8 (and setup it to be used by default). In the future, i’ll probably add others versions you can chose directly via the script for example with ./ -t o(Oracle) -v(Version) 8, etc.

So for the moment, if you need to automatically install Oracle Java8 for Debian 8 just do it :

wget --no-check-certificate
chmod +x

That all, no need to ask question about license or other thing : PAJI do it for you. You can also download the script here : PAJI

Enjoy !

Christophe Casalegno